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Smart construction

Smart Construction is a Komatsu package of solutions that will support and improve your business. By collecting data and converting it into valuable information, it helps you to safely and accurately manage manpower, machines & material. Working conditions become more comfortable and your business more successful.

Smart Construction

A Journey into the future

Digital transformation is the most promising evolution currently faced by the construction industry. Thanks to technological advances such as the Internet of Things (IoT), it is now possible to bring, to an industry which met an almost null productivity increase those past 20 years, benefits of real time jobsite information, as we would see in a manufacturing process.

Smart Construction

Data – Fuel for Improvement

Smart Construction lets you remotely gather high accuracy terrain and machine data from anywhere on your job site to give you unprecedented real-time insight and visualization of your worksite’s progress. Visible even from your office, jobsite info and performance benchmark data can be shared with all concerned.

Monitor your job site in real time.

Smart Construction

At a glance

Smart Construction Application
• Visualise, measure and share jobsite status

Everyday Drone System
• Measures jobsite terrain simply & quickly

Tracking System
• Tracks all construction equipment

Landlog Open Platform System
• Data sharing to & from multiple sources

Artificial Intelligence Systems
• Will analyse on site machine activities

Intelligent Machine Control
• Optimised digging and dozing


Smart Construction

Smart Construction Tools

Together with global partners, Komatsu designs and develops multiple Smart Construction tools. The highest quality hardware and applications are proposed as solutions to help you grow your business and improve your margins.

Smart Construction

Intelligent machine control

Komatsu intelligent Machine Control units are a logic hardware tool to get the best efficiency and cost saving on jobsites. Using 3D data, which can be remotely uploaded, the machine control functionality prevents overdigging and allows the operator to work anytime and on any place on the jobsite in the most accurate way.

Innovative – Integrated – Intelligent

Smart Construction

Personalized Advisory Service

Komatsu advisors are a key to the Smart Construction solution. They provide in-depth customer support and will guide you and your team through the complex process of digital transformation of your business processes.

Expert support for added value.